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Individual Plan for Each Model

We tailor a personalized work plan based on the individual needs, desires, and skills of each of our models. Key factors such as the number of hours spent online, the chosen times, and the selection of websites for registration play a significant role in the final income. Together, we will choose the combination that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle, while maximizing your profits.

Individual Plan
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Training and Counseling

For your first streams, we provide optional training to ensure you have the best possible setup. You will also receive counseling and feedback whenever you desire or find it necessary. We are open to individual solutions and feedback, always encouraging an environment where you feel respected, heard, and appreciated.

Long-Term Strategy

One of our objectives is to establish sustainable work strategies that guarantee a long-term, steady income. Whether you plan to pursue this career for 3 months or 10 years, we commit ourselves to finding ways that ensure you have a stable income, irrespective of the frequency and duration of your involvement.

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Atmosphere, Tolerance, Success

As a modeling studio founded by an experienced streamer, we possess unique insights to cultivate a positive atmosphere for our models. What distinguishes us from other studios is how we combine modern technology and professionalism with a friendly and tolerant environment. Our aim is for you to feel like a valued member of a family that supports your goals and encourages your dreams.

Technological Advantage

You'll be using unique technology specifically designed for the industry. These instruments are customized to meet the specific needs of each model, offering a distinct advantage that guarantees the highest profits in the industry, regardless of your experience level.

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